Where to go, How to get there, & What to see in Paris, France

Stop 13: Paris, France

Where to go

Paris, France

How to get there

We took an 11 hour bus ride overnight from Montpellier. This saved us a lot of money because of how cheap the bus ride was plus saving a night of accommodation by sleeping on the bus. I will admit that the bus stopped every couple hours for a break so we didn’t get the best sleep, but if you’re on a budget this was a great form of transportation.

Getting around Paris: Like always, we walked almost everywhere. Sometimes are walks were 2 hours long but we saw so much of the city this way that it was totally worth it. There were a few times at night and to the airport that we took the metro which was easy to navigate and around $2 each for one ride.

What to see

I highly recommend this Airbnb. It was VERY small but it was also really well made and organized. A small couch pulled out to a really comfortable bed. There was a little table with foldable chairs you could pull out to eat on, and the kitchen had everything you needed. It is located in between the red light district and Montmartre. The two men that own it are also very helpful and super nice, I truly fell in love with this tiny home in Paris!

Montmartre was one of my favorite parts of the city. I recommend watching the sunset on the steps of the Sacre-Coeur and then going out to eat at one of the cute French restaurants nearby. Some of them even have French guitarists playing inside!

My number 1 recommendation is to go to the Eiffel Tower at night to watch the sunset. Obviously bring some cheese, bread, and wine. When the lights come on as the sun sets at 8pm you’ll feel the true magic of Paris.

Go to the Lourve!!! It was absolutely incredible. We stayed for a little over 4 hours and barely scratched the surface…did you know it would take 100 days straight to see everything there if you spent just 30 seconds on each piece?! Budget tip: if in college bring your student ID and you’ll get a discount!

Le Marais is a really cool district to wander through. It is just north of Notre-Dame and the Seine. There are lots of restaurants and shops to choose from. As you make your way towards the river there also is my favorite restaurant, Le Paradis. I usually don’t give my recommendation on what to order because we all like different food, but the avocado wrap is SO good we went back twice so I could get it. They also have happy hour at 4:30 if you’re interested in drinks!

When we first arrived in Paris we saw so many people walking around with baguettes in their arms. This may sound like a cliche, but let me tell you, the baguettes in Paris are to die for! We would get at least one a day and eat the entire thing plain, doesn’t even need any butter or jam. Purely delicious.

Paris is the last stop on our life adventure and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. As I am sitting here, looking at the Eiffel Tower, writing this post, wine in hand, I look back on all of our destinations and realize how they all have changed me. The world is a beautiful place, it has so many opportunities, and it also makes me appreciate where I come from and my home. This definitely won’t be my last time traveling and I’m already looking forward to my next adventure!

I hope you can use my information on this website to go on an adventure of your own. I am always available to help you on your journey so always feel free to reach out. Happy traveling!

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