Spring break destinations

Take only memories, leave only footprints.

Mexico is a great location to go to with friends or family during spring break. Flights are relatively cheap and there are plenty of places to choose from to visit.
About a year ago I planned a trip to Cancun for under $400 a person not including food/drinks. I went with 3 others and it was so much fun! I booked our flights through the airline @spiritairlines (my fav!!) this airline has really cheap flights but you do not get a lot of legroom (who cares) and you have to pay for your luggage. If you are someone who needs a 50 pound suitcase for a week then this might not be for you. But for my friends and I, we each just brought a backpack which was free! When I tell others this they think I’m crazy but it really is possible!! I will be posting soon on how to pack light, it seriously makes your trip easier and more enjoyable. We used Airbnb for sleeping which came down to about $30 a person for a huge apartment with bedrooms and a kitchen…it was so nice! On the trip I booked activities like a catamaran tour (all inclusive drinks 🥂) and a night show at a club called Coco Bongo Show I found affordable tickets for these two excursions through expedia which always helps me get the best rates while traveling! If you want a full itinerary for this trip or help planning in general contact me!

If you want to use Airbnb during your travels contact me and I can get you $40 off of your first stay!

I’ll look back on this and smile because it was LIFE and I decided to live it.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is an island in the Caribbean that is perfect for a week long trip! This is a smaller island with some of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. My family used homeaway and stayed in a small town outside the main resorts because we enjoy getting to know the people, culture, and living styles. On the island we had to use a car to get around, I recommend renting a car right when you land from the airport for the safest & most affordable vehicle. Everyday was one to remember but here are 3 highlights that are a must when traveling to St. Lucia:
1. Hike The Pitons which are twin peaks that provide an exciting climb for any adventurer with a breathtaking view of the ocean & the rest of the island.
2. Take a mud bath in one of St. Lucia’s sulphur springs. This was so cool and it really did make your skin feel extra soft!
3. Lay at the beach for at least an entire day. The beaches here are pristine, white, and beautiful. The second picture in my post was from a restaurant, called Hummingbird (highly recommend) with a pool you can use when you are eating there! Its great!