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Growth International Volunteer Excursions

I recently traveled to Tanzania, Africa and had an incredible time. It was an affordable way to see the country, help others, go on a real safari, be truly immersed in a new culture, try amazing food, and meet life long friends! I went through a program called GIVE which is a program that allows you to travel while volunteering and helping communities around the world. The program includes housing, food, and excursions….I highly recommend!

When I was volunteering I was on an island east of Tanzania called Zanzibar Island in a town known as Kairo. I cannot express into words the happiness I felt while I was here. The people I met were so welcoming and caring. I felt more safe than I do in my home where I go to college. The community was close and protective of one another, and of myself, as they welcomed me into their homes. I took art classes from a woman that lived there and Swahili lessons for only $10.

The volunteer work was satisfying, it brought me joy that I have not experienced before. Everyday I would go and teach English to children who chose to come to school each day to better their lives and give them selves more opportunities for work. Everyday I would help mix cement to help build a school to provide education to the people of Kairo and surrounding communities. The moments where I would take a break from the hot sun and have long conversations with humans that had so much to teach me was inspirational.

I loved it so much I became an ambassador for the organization so if you are interested in going on one of their adventures feel free to contact me so I can help you set one up!

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International Volunteer HQ

I volunteered through the program IVHQ in San Jose, Costa Rica. While I was there I taught English to people of all ages. IVHQ is an organization that is very affordable and includes housing and the volunteer portion of the trip. It does not include excursions which is nice if you like to plan out where you go and what you see on your own. Costa Rica in general is an incredible place to travel because it has so much to offer and do…there is the ocean, beach towns, cities, and the rainforest.

A perfect moment on the trip was when I joined a soccer game one afternoon with some boys from San Jose. We did not speak the same language but that did not interfere with the game. The game of soccer was something that we all shared where we didn’t need to a mutual language to communicate. It was incredible!

IVHQ offers the following options for volunteer work:
-provide medical/health care
-wildlife care
-environment and conservation
-arts and music
-community development
-elderly care
-special needs care

IVHQ also has many options for where you can travel to:
-Central America
-The Caribbean
-South America

If you would like to begin your volunteer adventure contact me for assistance!