5 Winter Hikes You Must Go on Near Denver

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1. St. Marys Glacier. It is a little over an hour drive from downtown Denver and is beautiful. It is a shorter hike up averaging about 1.5 miles depending how far you go. It has a frozen lake surrounded by the mountains. You can go with snow snoes and venture further up the mountain or you can wear winter boots and just go to the lake. I would wear very warm clothing because it can be extremely windy by the lake and gets very cold. I reccomend stopping at Idaho springs on your way back and eating at Beau Jo’s to get the pizza with honey! It is SO good!
GOlden hike
2. Mount Galbraith. Golden is a great place to go in the foothills of the mountains. With it only being about a 20 minute drive from downtown Denver it’s a great place to go just for an afternoon. Mount Galbraith has great hiking in the winter because it doesn’t get too icy. Golden is a really cute town to shop and eat at as well!
THree sisters
3. Alderfer/Three Sisters Park. This is a 45 minute drive from downtown Denver and usually has no snow. It is a great place to walk your dog or go for a run as well. It is a very easy hike up but one you’re at the top you have a great view. I love the huge boulders at the top because you can sit and embrace the incredible views comfortably.
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4. Matthews/Winters Park. It is 20 minutes to get here from downtown Denver. It is not in the mountains but you can get some decent views when you make it to the top. I would recommend this hike for runners and bikers as well because of the fairly flat paths. Where the sun doesn’t hit there is some ice spots so be careful running or biking.
Garden of the gods
5. Garden of the Gods. It takes about an hour to get here from downtown Denver driving south towards Colorado Springs. I would say that Garden of the Gods isn’t necessarily a hike but more of a walk through a paved path. It is beautiful though to see all of the huge rock formations and climb up into them. There is really no snow or ice here normally and actually reminds me more of a hike in Arizona because of the red colors of the dirt and rocks.

Don’t let the cold weather and snow scare you away from hiking in the winter. I have been hiking every weekend since I have moved to Colorado and every one is incredible!