Adventure in Grand Lake, CO

Grand Lake is a perfect place to get away for the weekend in Colorado. You will find skiing nearby at Winter Park, snow shoeing, beautiful hikes, cross country skiing, a historic downtown, ice fishing, and of course snowmobiling!

Stay at this Airbnb! It had a simple complimentary breakfast, has a view of the mountains, and was only $50 a night! The sister of the man who owns this Airbnb has a restaurant downstairs and for guests you get happy hour all day long! This includes discounts on drink and half off all appetizers! We got some beer and yummy snacks while we played cards downstairs to get out of the cold for a little bit.

During the day there are many exciting adventures you can choose from. I recommend driving on Trail Ridge Road towards Rocky Mountain National park for some epic scenery and great hikes. This road is closed in the winter once you drive a few miles in, but you can go decently far before you make it to this point.

Wake up early and go see the sun rise over Grand lake, with the glistening snow peaked mountains behind the frozen water it makes for a beautiful start to your day.

If you want to go snowmobiling I would recommend trying to rent one before 8 am because they will most likely give you a discount. We looked at a couple places and most prices were around $120 for a single and $150 for a double. There are tons of trails so if you are interested, Grand Lake is the place to go.

Overall, there wasn’t fantastic food choices in Grand Lake but we came for the views not the eats! I do recommend going to Sagebrush BBQ and Grill because they usually have live music on the weekends, it was so much fun!

Grand Lake is a quiet, beautiful escape for a winter weekend in Colorado. I am excited to go back in the summer!

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