Where to go, How to get there, & What to see in Santorini, Greece


Stop 8: Santorini, Greece

Where to go

Santorini, Greece

How to get there

If coming from Crete or another Greek island take a ferry…book in advance for cheaper prices!

For getting around Santorini, use the local bus system. The most expensive ride is about $3 one way. You also can walk a lot, the island is fairly small.

What to see

For cheaper accommodation I recommend staying in Perissa which is located on the beach. There are many restaurants and things to do, plus you’re only a short bus ride away from Fira and Oia (classic white caved cities you’re wanting to visit).

Perissa was great because it had a beautiful beach and you could use the sun chairs and umbrellas for free if you bought something from the restaurants….great way to spend a day relaxing away from all the tourists.

Definitely spend at least one day exploring Fira. It truly is so unique and interesting, being right on the edge of the mountain with endless views of the Mediterranean Sea and the other islands.

Spend some time in Oia (reminded me of a more expensive Fira). I recommend going early in the morning to avoid the crowds. It is known for its spectacular sunsets so if you aren’t afraid of all the tourists, grab a bottle of wine and head to one of the best spots in the world to watch the sun go down.

We didn’t get a chance to do this but I think it would’ve been fun….another traveler told me about how they walked from Fira to Oia which takes around 5 hours.

We went on an all day excursion that brought us on a boat to the volcano, hot springs, an island with an occupancy of 200 people, and Oia to watch the sunset. It was about $40 each and was all day long. If you are interested in seeing any of these sites I’d recommend getting a package like this one. It is a bit crowded and fast paced but you get the most for your dollar and your time.

Again, eat as many Gyros as you can they are amazing I had one for at least one meal a day….only $3!!

Travel tip: Oia is pronounced “e-ya”

If you are staying in Perissa on a Tuesday night go to Cyclades restaurant. They have live Greek music at night!

Greek dish I recommend: moussaka reminded me of lasagna..very yummy 😋

Santorini was so beautiful and special and I will definitely miss its spectacular views, but I am ready to explore a new place! Athens here we come!

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