Ultimate Europe Backpacking list with links!

I have gotten some questions about how I live out of one backpack for 2 months or more so I thought I’d write a post about it!

First of all, I brought this backpack Gregory Mountain Products Jade 38 Liter Women’s Backpack, Dark Charcoal, Small
which was a bit too large for my backpacking trip. Mine would’ve been a good size if I brought camping or intense hiking gear, which I didn’t. I recommend the one that my boyfriend brought instead which is a Deuter ACT Trail 30, Black / GraniteThese still are supportive and are small enough that you can walk all day with them on. You need to decide which type of trip you are going on and how much stuff you need and want to carry around.

I will be honest I did not originally have the perfect packing list, which I found out a couple weeks into my trip. Here is my new and improved packing list!

1-3 months summer packing list to Europe for women:

✔️1 light weight rain jacket

✔️1 pair of light weight pants

✔️1 pair of jeans

✔️2 dresses

✔️1 loose fitting long sleeve

✔️2 rompers

✔️2 pairs of nice shorts

✔️1 pair of athletic shorts (comfortable enough you can wear to bed)
Nike Womens Dry Tempo Running Short (Small)Black
✔️1 skirt

✔️2 t-shirts

✔️4-5nice shirts (neutral colors)

✔️1 long sleeve

✔️1 light weight open sweater

✔️7 pairs of underwear

✔️2 bras

✔️2 sport bras

✔️1 swimsuit suit

✔️1 pair of hiking shoes (if hiking)
Oboz Women’s Bridger Bdry Hiking Boot,Rio Red,8 M US
✔️If you are not doing intense hiking get a comfotable pair of running or closed toe shoe.
✔️1 pair of comfortable sandals for everyday walking
Chaco Women’s ZX1 Classic Athletic Sandal, Braid Blue, 8 M US


Birkenstock Rio Birko-Flor Narrow Sandal – Women’s Black Birko Flor, 38.0

✔️2 pairs of either hiking or short socks FITS Light Hiker – Crew Socks, Black, XL

With the list above you can create many stylish outfits which I will show how to do in my next post!

1 small bag filled with:
✔️1 tube of mascara
✔️1 stick of eye liner
✔️1 lipgloss or chapstick
✔️1 small container of coverup
✔️1 container or bronzer and/or blush
✔️1 small eye shadow

My favorite type of makeup when traveling is Bare Minerals.

✔️1 tooth brush
✔️1 toothpaste
✔️1 container of floss
✔️1 razor Gillette Venus Women’s Swirl 5 Contour Blade Razor Refills, 4 Count

✔️1 deodorant

✔️1 small container of face lotion

✔️1 small container of leave in conditioner (if needed)

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, 2.53 Ounce
✔️If staying in hostels…1 quick dry towel

(buy shampoo, conditioner, and sunscreen when you get there)

✔️1 pack of playing cards

✔️1 hat (unless you want to buy one there)

✔️1 pair of sunglasses

✔️1 travel blanket https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LON78FQ/?tag=travelwhitsty-20

I brought a small backpack for during the day which I found was very useful. I would carry my money, phone, water, sunscreen, and other stuff almost every travel day! It was difficult when I went on a plane that only allowed one carry on, but I had enough room to actually fit my small backpack into my big one for cases like these. When I was walking for a long time with both backpacks I wore the smaller one in front and larger one in back. Here is my favorite one: Osprey Packs Daylite Backpack, Black

My number one recommendation is to leave room to buy souvenirs and other clothing! My second recommendation is to spend money on comfortable, supportive shoes! You will be doing so much walking it is very important.

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