5 mistakes I made while traveling to Crete that you can learn from!

1. Rent a car if you can get your international license! The island is huge and really the only way of getting around is buying long bus rides. If we had a car we could’ve seen a lot more for less money.

2. Very touristy! Heraklion and Malia have tons of tourists and can get very crowded. Adam even called Crete the Mexico of the Mediterranean with Malia being Cancun (lol).

3. Stay in Chania the longest. It has more of a historical feel to it and is more authentic. We actually didn’t have anything booked in Chania until we got on the island and heard it was the best part so quickly made reservations. I honestly would’ve taken Malia out of our itinerary and stayed in Chania longer.

4. If visiting other islands, book your ferry tickets ahead of time. We waited until the last minute and ended up paying more than we planned for 😦

5. Just eat Gyros for every meal! When I first got to the island some of the Gyro places looked like fast food restaurants and I was not interested. As a vegetarian I also was afraid of the meat they have turning on that big machine right in front of you lol. Once Adam made me try one I fell in love. I got vegetarian ones with grilled cheese or just all veggies…Gyros are one of my new favorite foods and I should’ve tried them right away! They also are like $3 each 🙌🏻

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