Where to go, How to get there, & What to see in Interlaken, Switzerland

Stop 6: Interlaken, Switzerland

Where to go

Interlaken, Switzerland

How to get there

If you have decided to get the Swiss pass, catch a train to Interlaken. If you don’t have a pass it will be around 30 Euros from Luzern.

Getting around Interlaken: Depending on where you are staying you should get a travel pass card when you pay the tourist tax that allows you to ride the buses for free. It also gives you discounts on a bunch of attractions including cable cars in Interlaken.

What to see

I stayed in this Airbnb in Beatenberg which is about a 25 min bus ride up the mountain from Interlaken. It was absolutely beautiful. I would walk out of my door and to my left I saw a grassy mountain side with cows grazing, and to my right I saw the Swiss Alps mountain range with the aqua blue lake below. I also loved the quaint street we were on. We would get fresh eggs in the morning, would see children riding their bikes to school, and we were right across the street from a tourist office that helped us whenever we had any questions!

The great thing about staying in Beatenberg is you’re right by all the hikes in the area! We hiked right from our place up to the the top of Niederhorn which I highly recommend.

Depending on how long you’re staying go to Lauterbrennan or Grindewald for the day. We went to Grindelwald and loved it! My favorite hike there was up to Baregg. This took around 6 hours and it was worth every minute.

For an easier hike you could take the bus from Interlaken West to Iseltwald and hike to the Giessbach Waterfall. It was more of a long walk than a hike, but still beautiful. This was probably the tallest waterfall I’ve ever seen. We went when it was raining out and it was perfect because throughout the walk you’re mostly covered by a canopy of trees.

Switzerland is famous for its chocolate and cheese so if you’re interested there are many tastings and tours to choose from. Just look at the tourist office for a brochure and sign up!

There are a ton of different places you can paraglide. I didn’t end up going here, but I’ve gone in Colorado and LOVED it. I think that in the Swiss Alps it would be incredible.

Downtown Interlaken there are many shops and restaurants. Spend some time strolling the streets and maybe buying some souvenirs!

Switzerland is SO expensive. Checkout my Post on how to save money while here and how we stayed here for a week spending under $60 a day with food, accommodation, and transportation!

Switzerland is incredible to say the least and Beatenberg will always have my heart. It was so peaceful and beautiful I definitely will need to return someday.

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