Where to go, how to get there, & what to see in Luzern, Switzerland

Stop 5: Luzern, Switzerland

Where to go

Luzern, Switzerland

How to get there

If following my route, check available times for Flixbus or take the train for 25 euros.

For getting around in Luzern I suggest either a visitors pass or to buy day passes for the bus system. These are about $7 for the day so purchase them if you’re jumping around a lot.

What to see

Stay at this Air bnb! It is in Obernau about 15 min bus ride away from downtown Luzern and we loved it! This was the first time we have been in a private room before in someone else’s home, and it was great. The family was so welcoming and nice we loved the conversations we had. We had our own balcony which has a spectacular view of the mountains.

If you’re up for a 10 hour strenuous hike, try to climb Mt. Pilatus. We left too late in the day so only made it to the halfway marker which I still would definitely recommend.

Checkout the Chapel bridge and the history behind it, super pretty and interesting!

Luzern lake is breathtaking so spend some time walking around it, there is also a place for swimming if you’re interested.

Switzerland is SO expensive. We actually haven’t eaten out once yet. For every meal we go to a grocery store (Coop is my favorite) and cook at the Airbnb . This has actually been one of my favorite parts because the view from our place is so amazing!

Looking for coffee in Switzerland and don’t want to spend $8?! Hard for me to say this but….go to McDonald’s, you’ll get that $2 coffee you know and love.

The part about this stop that I loved the most was the interactions I had with the family we stayed with. They gave helpful tips, asked how my day was whenever I got home, offered homemade meals, and I learned some German from one of their daughters! Always cherish the people you meet along your journey.

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