Where to go, How to get there, & What to see in Salzburg, Austria

Stop 3: Salzburg, Austria

Where to go

Salzburg, Australia

How to get there

If following my route, take FlixBus again. Buy your tickets in advance! The cool thing about this ride is it had a connection where we switched half way through and boarded a European train. It was very nice and a romantic way to travel across the countries.

What to see

Stay at Yoho hostel. This is the nicest hostel I’ve been to so far. They offer free lockers for your stuff, coffee in the morning, salad bar during happy hour, and a free shot of an Austrian liquor upon your arrival! The rooms and bathrooms are very clean as well.

Spend at least a day walking around downtown Salzburg. There are a ton of shops and outside restaurants.

One of my favorite parts about the city is how everyone rides bikes! I did not end up doing it, but renting a bike would be a great way to see the city as well.

Mirabell garden is a beautiful place to walk through while you’re there. Great place to take pictures as well and it’s free to go to!

Along the side of the river in town there is a grassy bank. Grab a bottle of wine and watch the sunset one of the days you’re there.

I would definitely take a day trip ton St. Gilgen and the Wolfgangsee lake. To get there from Salzburg get on bus 150 at the bus stop in town. It is about a 40 minute drive and is truly beautiful. You can rent a little boat for $20 an hour and go around the lake which was well worth it. Go swimming in the cool water and float on your back, looking up at the mountains and blue sky around you.

Secret travel spot: walk about a mile up past the town towards Salzburg until you come to a pullover spot for cars. Here you will see a sign for Furschee lake. It will take you on a pretty difficult hike through the forest until you come to a clearing. Follow the signs as you go. You will walk through valleys and little villages, it’s almost like a free tour of the sound of music! To get back to Salzburg take bus 150 at a bus stop in the town by the lake, Mondale.

Depending on the date you’re traveling, there is sometimes music in the Kurpark downtown Salzburg. There is yummy food stands, great music, and relaxing vibes.

Last but not least, try the Schnitzel of course!

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