First Steps in Planning!

I am smiling because Adam Kuborn and I are done planning for Europe! The first steps we took are below:

1. Choose the cities you want to travel to. Even if you want to “go with the flow”, you definitely need to have a path in mind. A travel trick I found was using this map which has lines connecting major cities. Even if you don’t use the trains it still is helpful to see cities that are relatively well connected to the rest of the continent.

2. Transportation. This was one of the most difficult parts of planning for us……Eurorails, buses, taxis, flights, boats….so many options to choose from! I would recommend booking long distance transportation prior to departure to save on money…I will post soon about what I think is the cheapest and best way to get around Europe based on the type of traveling YOU are doing!

3. Set a budget. If you start planning and pay for way too pricey of hostels in the beginning you won’t have enough for the end of your trip! Stick to your price limits and your bank account will stay happy (: I like using a chart on google docs to plan this out and calculate my totals.

I have traveled many times but this is the first time I have gone longer than a month so this planning is a little new to me! I will post throughout my travels on what went well and what I recommend, but also the mistakes I made so you can learn from them!

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