Annecy, France

“Tavel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. -Gustave Flaubert”

Where to go

Annecy, France is a town in southeastern France that sits adjacent to Lake Annecy. I would recommend staying in old town while there because of its cobblestone streets, tasteful homemade food, and picturesque canals that feed into Lake Annecy after making their way through town.

How to get there

I was on a two week trip in France when I went here and rented a car to reach this destination.. If you are traveling with others and have a valid license, driving in Europe is a pretty affordable way to get around. If not, you can fly into Geneva Airport and get to Annecy via a bus or taxi ride (it is about a 35 minute drive). I will post soon about what I recommend for transportation in Europe, so stay tuned!

What to see

I stayed in an Airbnb while there which never lets me down! (contact me to get a discount on your first purchase on Airbnb.) Spend a day or two walking around Old town. If your trip lands on a Saturday it is a must to go to the well known farmers market. I would spend at least one afternoon on Lake Annecy. The water is aqua blue and refreshing. You can rent a boat for a fair price, especially if you plan to split it with friends or family. I recommend going along the coast of the lake looking at the architecture and homes. The other side of the lake has a large area with docks for swimming!

Annecy, France is charming, quaint, and relaxing. Enjoy!

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