We Are One Necklaces

My greatest passion is traveling and volunteering abroad. It has changed who I am and how I perceive the world and its people. I believe in equality and acceptance for all. I believe in a life that we can all share as one. Through my work volunteering I was inspired to continue connecting with others around the world when I am not traveling. I wanted to create something that will give back to those I have worked with but also something that symbolizes my beliefs in my daily life. While I was volunteering in Tanzania, I was taught a phrase in Swahili that really stuck with me: “Tupo Pamoja”. This translates to “We are together” in English. This inspired me to create necklaces engraved with phrases in different languages around the world that symbolize unity, connecting people across the world. I decided that a portion of profits from the necklaces will be donated to ‘Global Giving’, an organization I think highly of and am excited to work with. I also have chosen to have the boxes for the necklaces made with recycled products as a more environmentally friendly option. I asked my mother (who makes jewelry through her business, Moon Tide Designs) to be a part of it. I am excited to work with her creating these necklaces, and she is excited to work with me for a cause we both believe in. The necklaces come in all different languages, all saying phrases that mean unity for all- we are one. Go to my shop page and choose the language you would like your necklace to be in.

“We are one.
Together we will see the unexpected and conquer the impossible, lifting each other to reach endless possibilities. Together our lives have acceptance, equality, love, and no boundaries. Wear this necklace to symbolize your connection to the world around you.
We are one.” -travlwhitstyle

Making your life easier….

  • There is an option of paying me with Venmo if it is easier for you (whitniebestor.)

 Here is a map that shows where people are wearing a We Are One necklace around the globe and symbolizing their connection to the world around them! Check it out!

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