Voyista Travel Company

Love traveling but not the stress that goes along with planning out a trip? Voyista is a site that I have found that will take care of planning all the little details of your trip, from your first meal to your last hostel checkout. They offer more than a dozen planned-out trips including a trip that looks amazing to the islands of Greece!

I am so excited I have come across this company and wanted to share with you a little bit about how it all started…..

The Story of Voyista

The man who started and developed Voyista planned his own trip to Europe for 45 days. At the end of his trip he calculated his costs and it came out to be $2,714. How is this possible you might ask? All of the research and planning that a traveler puts into it.

“The primary goal of Voyista is to get as many young people traveling as possible. We offer affordable trips that cover all the necessities of travel –taking care of people getting from one city to the next, ensuring that they are sleeping in the best accomodation every night and offering a meal to them daily. On top of this free city walking tours and an offline maps app with comprehensive suggested itineraries are available for Voyista travelers to use. This makes it easy to explore the city and get directions to your hostel or train station, 24/7. Voyista is the result of putting hundreds of hours of research and actual travel experience together to offer young people an affordable way to see the world –with a journey that they know will be enjoyable. We’ve vetted all accommodations and have been to destinations to ensure quality. Travel is a wonderful, stress-free activity when you’re staying in top-rated hostels and not worrying about what bus or train you need to take to the next city.”

Voysita cares about its people and has a great team behind what they do. If you would like to book through one of their trips or have any questions about Voyista or traveling please feel free to contact me! You also can use my promo code WHITNIE100 on Voyista when signing up to get $100 off of your first trip!

Have you had any experiences traveling through Voyista? If so, share your stories below!

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