Kandersteg, Switzerland

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIf you ever want to travel to a place where you feel completely at peace with the world…. go to Switzerland. My family and I hiked in a couple different places but my favorite was in, Kandersteg & it honestly could not have been more perfect. After about an hour hike we got to a little cafe where we ate and then swam in an all natural body of water that was surrounded by the Alps. There are many tour guides and paid trips to Kandersteg but if you have the time you can do the research and discover the beautiful country yourself, you really cannot go wrong no matter where you go. I always love to look at reviews on @tripadvisor to find out what other travelers recommended to do. Kandersteg is a resort village and can get fairly pricey to stay & eat at. My family rented a car and actually drove there for the day from a place we were staying which was much more affordable. The drive was an adventure in itself because of the constant beauty around you. Travel tip: Always have moments during your travel to stop, breathe, and take it in..save that moment for a rainy day 🌻

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